University of Kelaniya's Landmark Data Licensing Agreement with Cambridge Enterprise Limited!~

University of Kelaniya's Landmark Data Licensing Agreement with Cambridge Enterprise Limited!

The University of Kelaniya achieves a historic milestone with the signing of a groundbreaking data licensing agreement alongside the esteemed Cambridge Enterprise Limited from the University of Cambridge in the UK on the 30th of May 2023. This collaboration solidifies the university's global presence, marking its first international data licensing agreement.

Under this significant agreement, Cambridge Enterprise Limited gains access to a valuable dataset derived from an observational study conducted by renowned faculty member, Professor Sachith Mettananda, hailing from the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Kelaniya. The dataset, derived from a study involving thalassemia patients, is set to support a novel patent application at the University of Cambridge.

The University of Kelaniya's Vice Chancellor, Senior Professor Nilanthi de Silva, along with Registrar Mr. K. K. K. Dharmathilaka, signed the agreement, while Mr. Marcio Siqueira, Head of Physical Science, represented Cambridge Enterprise Limited.

Facilitated by the University Business Linkage Cell of the University of Kelaniya, this collaboration emphasizes the institution's commitment to driving research collaboration and knowledge transfer. Dr. Pradeep Samarasekere, Director of the University Business Linkage Cell, highlighted the monumental nature of this partnership, underscoring the university's dedication to global alliances.

This collaboration opens doors for transformative research, creating new avenues for scientific advancements between the University of Kelaniya and the University of Cambridge. By leveraging their strengths, these institutions are poised to address healthcare challenges and beyond, exemplifying the university's dedication to fostering international partnerships and pioneering research.

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